Live Music Venue Faces Boycott Due To Racism

Fitzgerald’s, a popular Houston live music venue, is under fire after an email sent by its owner went public.

Scarface, Scarlito and Ham Franklin, Garrett Brown, also known as “Trakksounds,” contacted the live music venue in order to book it. The answer they received from the owner, Sarah Fitzgerald, was shocking.



“I’m gonna pass on this,” Fitzgerald wrote. “Not a big fan of the ‘n—–, b—-, whore, p—y, gonnaf——shootyou’ music or the fans that wear their pants under their ass with 18 inches of underwear showing, drink and smoke pot in the parking lot, then scream ‘you racist b—-‘ when I ask that they take their lit joint inside. 300 fans that buy little, tip little and create big disharmony-no thanks.”

fitz4 fitz5

“Wow…sounds like quite the stereotype but if that’s how you feel then all power to you,” he wrote. “A simple no would have worked as well but it sounds like you have some aggression build up about something else. Have a good week and god bless you,” Garrett Brown answered after the original message was put on Twitter.

fitz fitz1

The owner of the venue hasn’t yet cared to apologise for her behaviour and even tried to escalate the conflict, so the concert hall doesn’t seem to end soon. Losing income for several months will possibly teach Sarah Fitzgerald to respect the people who bring her money and thus actually provide for her and her venue.

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