Kalief Browder Has His Way

New York City Honors Kalief Browder renaming a street.

On the day, when Kalief Browder could have been celebrating his 24th birthday, his family members, prison reform advocates and New York City lawmakers gathered to give the corner of E. 181st St. and Prospect Ave. the name of  “Kalief Browder Way.”



The young man committed a suicide after spending 3 years in Rikers Island prison at the age of 16. His family couldn’t afford $3,000 bail, so the poor boy had to go through severe beatings and solitary confinement though his alleged crime (stealing a backpack) has never been proved.



Bowder’s death caused a public outcry so huge that it prompted NYC mayor, Bill de Blasio, to initiate the closure of the notorioyus prison.


The closure is expected within a decade but every day walking along the newly named street we should think how many Black kids may end Kalief Browder way.



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