Facebook Just Can’t Stand Truthful Black Voices

BlackMattersUS Facebook page banned for truthful Black news.

Our BlackMattersUS page was unfairly banned by Facebook earlier this week, making it the 3rd time in a month. As stated in the articles we posted some time ago, Facebook banned and unbanned our page twice before. After each unbanning, we were so glad our readers and subscribers could get daily Black news at their fingertips once again from our dependable page and the platform to share opinions. And now we have been banned again and for good, leaving our 235,000 subscribers without a source of unbiased Black news.

This is absolutely sordid, seeing as this page provides the Black community with information that helps to ensure positive changes in our society, which has been inundated with oppression on Blacks, police brutality, racial profiling, and discrimination for many years. The ban leaves us with a bad taste, as it could prove that the social network tolerates only sugar coated news and not straight up facts about how badly Black people are treated in our nation.

There are too many similar examples of how Facebook is banning ‘inconvenient’ pages and has a severe problem with intelligent Black voices. Should we stay silent and give up? We don’t think so!

This isn’t the end of our movement on Facebook! We have created a new page and invite everyone indifferent to like and follow it.

This stand by Facebook is rather unfortunate. The truth isn’t to make everyone feel comfortable; it will certainly upset those guilty of wrongdoing. If Facebook is pushing for us to keep the truth from the people, then the company is depriving a large section of the public of their liberation, therefore, contributing to their further oppression.

Follow our new Facebook page. It is worth it. Kindly share our posts and news to support unbiased sources of information.

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