This Is What Being “Confident In Ones Blackness” Means To Some White Conservatives

When president Obama told Howard graduates: ‘Be confident in your Blackness,’ some white conservatives heard something else.

President Obama’s lecture on unapologetic Blackness given in his speech to the graduating class at Howard University on Saturday, has drawn some criticism from white America, which sees confidence in ones Blackness and heritage as reverse racism and being unfair to white folks.

In a bid to acknowledge progress and recognize the challenges of racism, the president told the graduates that now was the best time to be “young, gifted, and Black in America.”

However, the president’s advice to the young and bright Americans to be “be confident in [their] heritage” and “Blackness” enraged white conservative America.

“Be confident in your Blackness. One of the great changes that’s occurred in our country since I was your age is the realization there’s no one way to be Black,” the president said.

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson is one American, who heard something different from what the President Obama meant.

“Why are you encouraging people to think in terms of their race? Isn’t that inherently divisive? Shouldn’t people think in terms of their American-ness, in terms of the qualities that unite us all?” Carlson asked.

According to Carlson, the host on “Fox and Friends Sunday” – a show that is notorious for its anti black empowerment sentiments and rhetoric – Obama’s comment is equivalent to a white president, say Mitt Romney, telling a graduating class at Brigham Young University: “Be confident in your whiteness.”

This once again is a proof that Carlson is totally out of touch with reality for assuming the first African-American president validating Blackness in a nation built on white supremacy equates to a white president reaffirming whiteness in a society where whiteness is already the perfect standard.

Carlson and his conservative colleagues believe the solution to racism is dissolving every discussion about race, black people or black empowerment.

That’s exactly why they have been wrong about almost everything on diversity.

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