Black Father Vs White Mother: Similar Cases With Different Verdicts

Though a lot was made to change the situation still the level of racism in our justice system is seriously alarming.

It is disheartening to know how racial discrimination has eaten into the fabric of our justice system as a country. It cannot be understood why justice should elude an individual on the basis of skin color.

In a recent case involving the ruling of a Madison County grand jury, the jury decided to indict Joshua Blunt who apparently forgot to drop of his 8-month-old daughter before work. The child was discovered unresponsive four hours late. The jury indicted the Black father for second-degree manslaughter of his own child.

On the other hand, Amy Bryant, a white mother was set free under the same circumstances as Joshua after her 2-year old daughter Carolyn was found dead in her car at the end of the day. This happened after she forgot to drop her child at the daycare.

These are two similar cases but different jury decisions which go against the person of color in this case. Indeed history has demonstrated vividly that racism doesn’t put food on the table of a Black man or the white. It only breeds interminable hatred and uproot the plant of love from the heart of all people in America.

Our relentless crusade for this course shall never be in vain, it is time and the hour has come for us to water that great plant of equality that was planted by our fore leaders with our sweats and blood. We can never win it with our emotions, but through collective intellect and the spirit of common sense we shall embrace victory.

Our words can, our actions can but let always remember to put our love for America and all persons first. In our quest for equal right protection, we shall be confronted with fierce oppressors and forces but that shouldn’t keep us away from the bull eyes. American must rise from this ugly ashes of discrimination and protect.

The court must perform it mandate and spew legal judgment on all cases brought before it. We can never on any day accept discrimination and foul judgment in the court. Should America be operated on the basis of color and origin, we will forever be hanged behind the cloak of retrogression.

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