White Cop Convicted Of Manslaughter For Killing Unarmed Black Teen

After a yearlong of delayed trial finally, the “dangerous” white cop has been brought to book. The killer of William Chapman is to face a two-and-half year sentence, the jury ruled.

Officer Stephen Rankin, a Portsmouth police officer is to serve a two-and-a-half prison sentence for killing an unarmed alleged shoplifter. This unfortunate incident took place at the Walmart shopping center on the 22nd of April, 2015. Rankin claimed that Black teen charged towards him and sensing danger, open fire; shooting Chapman in the face and chest.

The Virginian cop is known for his indiscriminate shooting. He had killed a man in 2011and his superiors had noticed him as a “dangerous” cop. Initially had some people testify in his favor, acclaiming that the unarmed Black teen did charge him. But the main witness in the case who happens to be the security guard, Gregory Provo of Walmart testified against the White cop.

Provo narrated that the unarmed Black teen stood some five yards away from the cop with his hands in the air. He stated categorically clear that Chapman never charged the cop; he never moved towards the cop. He complied. Povo further stated that the Black teen only asked the cop: “Are you going to fucking shoot me?”Officer Rankin responded to this question by shooting the defenseless Black teen twice, killing him.

Moreover, it is still uncertain whether Chapman actually shoplifted from the store that fateful morning, The Guardian reports.
Officer Rankin was initially charged with first-degree murder and using a firearm to commit a felony but had all those charges reduced to one: voluntary manslaughter. His sentence starts at a later date.

The long-awaited trial of William Chapman shooting finally ended up well. The cop who killed the Black teen was convicted! We congratulate the mother of the guy for taking up the case. It proves that one can have justice but in America, one need to fight for it; especially black people. But being sentenced to two-and-half years for killing an unarmed Black teen who was not yet convicted of the crime is not justice enough. The “dangerous” cop deserves stricter punishment.

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