Dallas Protest Cancelled And Organizer Arrested; Police say They Feel Threatened

“What’s more important than our officers (sic) safety… cancel it and don’t schedule anymore in the downtown area… I insist,” Police Chief told protest organizer, Dominique Alexander.

The leader and founder of the Next Generation Action Network, Dominique Alexander was arrested by the police prior to a scheduled protest which was to take place in downtown Dallas. Alexander was slapped with a charge of trespassing, Kim Cole, the group’s attorney disclosed.

The peaceful July 29 demonstration was to protest against police brutality against African-Americans.  Alexander’s arrest came just an hour prior to the start of the protest outside City Hall. The police chief of the city mentioned that he has called for the cancellation of the protest but the founder of the Next Generation Action Network still went ahead with it.

The group was behind the July 7 demonstration in Dallas which witnessed the death of two police officers and also several other civilians injured by an aggrieved sniper, Micah Johnson.

According to an e-mail exchange between Police Chief, David Brown, and Alexander, that is clear that the two came to an agreement for the event to hold. Brown posted the conversation they had by e-mail on the police blog on 6:30 p.m. which revealed that the founder of the group agreed to comply by making the march a rally instead.

But Brown in his statement exposed that holding a demonstration in downtown poses a threat to the police. This he made known by writing; “What’s more important than our officers (sic) safety… cancel it and don’t schedule anymore in the downtown area… I insist.”

Nevertheless, the group has indicated that despite police threats, they will still register their displeasure about the unjust happenings in the country.

Such precedents are a threat to the First Amendment and the rights and freedoms of people. The issue isn’t about whether the police are comfortable with a protest or not; it is an issue of citizen’s right. Hence, the police do not have the authority to prevent the people from acting their rights which are backed by law. The First Amendment protects our freedom to speak as we wish. This is a clear cut intimidation by the law enforcement.

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