African-American Orleans Parish School Board Candidate Defends Facebook Comments

"Can we shoot police when they walk up to our cars now and say we feared for our lives?” One of Morris "Moe" Reed's posts.

Morris Reed is an Orleans Parish School Board candidate, who made some controversial comments on his Facebook page. Reed said on Monday (August, 8) that no matter how some of his posts might have sounded, he completely stamps out violence against police.

Although at the time of his posts, he had not yet decided to run for the School Board’s 4th District; he is challenging incumbent Leslie Ellison and newcomer Walter Umrani, who volunteers for the Peacekeepers.

Among his controversial comments were, “Can we shoot police when they walk up to our cars now and say we feared for our lives?”

He also made the following comment about the Dallas shooting, “RIP YOUNG SOLDIER. It’s a shame but sometimes you have to fight evil with evil.”

In a much more daring statement, as he shared his thoughts with his friends, he said,“Peaceful protest has been ignored for decades … What do you think has them thinking now? Burning buildings or police dying?”

To sum up his statement, the brave African-American   further stated that by no means does he advocated citizens killing at all. “That’s just dumb. There’re other ways to solve problems.”

Reed was quick to add that he was not apologizing for his previous statements, but rather, he apologized if he offended anyone.

Indeed, society has created the system to silence individuals, who speak for Black lives. In fact, society nearly pushed the Black candidate to stop the campaign to Orleans School Board because he was a person of color and again because he wanted to actively fight against police injustice.

Though the Black race is a peaceful one, violence has been used against them for years and now they are tired of being silent about this. We urge more smart African-Americans to rise and speak against all the recent happenings.

We support Moe Reed Jr. and wish him luck in his campaign because we need more clever and daring representatives of the community people on valuable positions.

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