Father of ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Files Lawsuit

What should you do to receive death threats at the age of 14? To be a Black child in this country is enough

It’s been almost a year since 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was wrongfully arrested for carrying a homemade clock to school. The teen’s self-made clock was suspected to be a dangerous weapon leading to his arrest, interrogation by the police and subsequent suspension by school authorities. Ahmed’s Sudanese father who is also an American citizen filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Irving Independent School District, the city, and principal for racial and religious discrimination.

The lawsuit accuses the Irving Police Department of infringing on the right of Ahmed and also the school district for going against the 14th Amendment and Civil Rights Acts of 1964.

The police chief of Irving later admitted that were mistaken in their judgments which lead to the arrest of the Black teen, according to the suit. The charges against Ahmed was dropped yet, the school authorities went ahead to suspend him for three days.

Meanwhile, district officials said, “Irving ISD continues to deny violating the student’s rights and will respond to claims in accordance with court rules.”
Following the incidence, the innocent Black teen and his family relocated to Qatar due to the later uproar. This issue sparked up various protests nationwide which lead to the President inviting Ahmed to the White House’s astronomy night event.

A 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed speaking at a press conference said, “I got a lot of hate. And I got a lot of support in the beginning but then again it’s the hate that sticks because some of it is so damaging. I get death threats. What did I ever do to someone to get death threats?”.

In the suit, it reads: “Will we be faithful to our American principles of equality and freedom or will we let fear and hate prevail, the two biggest evils that will defeat our democracy? History tells us that when we have stood tall and proud for equality and freedom, we have grown as a nation. When we have given in to fear and hate, we flounder.”

The situation of racial injustice in America is awful, so much so that an innovative Black teen faces such harsh treatment from the police and school authorities. This is a clear cut of racial discrimination and injustice. The school authorities went ahead to suspend him from school even after the police have had admitted his arrest was a mistake. And as usual, no one is being responsible for the “mistake.” The lawsuit is in the right direction. Justice must prevail in the country.

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