Racist NYPD Cop Smashed Pregnant Woman’s Car And Refused To Rescue Her

“He doesn't even care if we lived, or if my child lived,” Marie Kiell said

NYPD’s Detective Gregory Gordon on March 22, 2007 crashed his car into that of a pregnant woman and ignored her despite her being unconscious. The Staten Island woman was left abandoned in her that state.

According to Marie Kiell, the drunken NYPD cop who was off-duty on crushed into her sedan car, damaging the side. Accounts by witnesses suggest that the racist cop rather than assisting the helpless woman was busy with his phone and totally ignored the unconscious pregnant lady. A 20-year-old woman who happened to witness the incident said, “You’d think, being a cop, he’d try to help. But nope. He didn’t.”

Marie kiell had to undergo a brain injury. Stating sadly, “He doesn’t even care if we lived, or if my child lived.”

The 33-year-old Detective Gordon has since then been walking as a free man, he faced no charges despite the lawsuit filed against him by the husband of Kiell. Just as the practice has been in this country, the racist cop was covered-up by the authorities.

But rather unfortunate for him, these barbaric activities have soon caught up with him. He finds himself in the grip of the law for an offensive Facebook post he made. A report by the Daily News states that Gordon took to his Facebook page and called the wife of Mayor de Blasio a “former crack addict.” He further wrote that Blacks should get over slavery.

The outbreak of this news seems to have exposed a number of Gordon’s dirty secrets. On Sunday, there was a news report which claimed that the NYPD cop shot and killed a Black man, Michael Walker on February 2, 2013. Once again, a hate crime was covered up by the police.

Police initial claim was that Walker was a suspected armed robber and had pointed a gun at Gordon. So in the course of self-defense, he shot at the Black man. This story was later proved to be false by the jury but Gordon went unpunished.

In a case where an innocent woman almost died and lost her baby because the irresponsibility of a White, one will think that the abuser will be brought to book; but not in our country. The racist cop rather had the guts to sue the victim. In this country, if you are a cop you can kill Black people, crash their cars, harass them and get away with it. And with all this profile he is still free and not convicted.

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