Black Man Shot Dead By Cop While Being Held Down By Five Other Officers

“We’re talking about 1,000 pounds of human weight, trained professional policemen, on top of a 140-pound guy,” attorney Philip Smallman, the lawyer for Hill said

Tyjuan Hill, a Red Hook Brooklyn man faced his untimely death when he was shot in the back of the head by a New York City police sergeant. The 22-year-old Black boy was in the company of three friends when the incident happened.

Report by the police indicates that the shooting happened as at the time of a misunderstanding that broke out from a prostitute soliciting sting operation. Prior to the tragedy, the police service was reported to have started an operation to arrest suspects who implored prostitutes for sex. They dubbed it “Operation Losing Proposition.”

Mr. Hill in the company of his three friends drove in a 1999 green Mazda and pulled over when they cited an undercover officer who was pretending to be a prostitute. The female officer raised an alarm which saw his fellow cops moved in to arrest the Black guys after they had negotiated payment for sex. Upon the arrival of the police officers who drove in two cars Hill and his friends were ordered to get out of the car. They surrendered and Hill placed his hands on the car when he stepped out of it.

Hill fled for fear of being convicted again because he was on parole. He was chased by the officers who later caught him and tackled him to the ground. Five police officers held him to the ground and handcuffed him while a sixth police officer shot Hill in the back of his head. Hill died at about 10:00 p.m., Paul J. Browne Police Department Chief Spokesman said.

Hills death sparked a number of protests across the country. Many stating their displeasure about the way and manner police use excessive force when dealing with Black people.

The lawyer for Hill Philip Smallman and Michael Colihan have since then filed a lawsuit against the NYDP for the use of excessive force. Attorney Smallman said, “We’re talking about 1,000 pounds of human weight, trained professional policemen, on top of a 140-pound guy.”
Hill died on September 20, 2012. The federal trial will commence on 12th September for a civil rights lawsuit against the NYPD by the mother of Hill.

This story once again exposes the wickedness of police officers. Five officers hold this young Black guy to the ground and yet, sixth cop shoots in the head. They try to make-up stories by saying he was reaching for a gun but how can a handcuffed person with five officers restraining him be able to reach for a gun? Are the police officers fighting crime or fighting Blacks? We shouldn’t forget such barbaric things happened to our people because forgetting means forgiving.

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