Victims Of Police Brutality Are Mostly Black Youth: Study Reveals

“Majority of the time we are targeted,” Billy Busby, a victim of police harassment said after recounting his ordeal

Survey conducted at the University of Chicago by the Black Youth project disclosed that two-thirds of young African-American and every 4 out of 10 Latinos know someone who has been brutalized by the police. The study was conducted with the collaboration of the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs. The assessment was carried out on Black and Latino adults between the age of 18 to 30.

The study further showed that while young Black and Latinos considered the issue of police brutality as a serious threat to the country, the White youth didn’t think it needed much attention. On the other hand, they considered violence against cops to be a more staid offense which needed immediate consideration.

Crystal Webb, a Black woman who was once arrested by the police narrates her torment. Her story further authenticates the fact that race is a key factor on how Black people are treated by the police.
Webb was arrested by two police officers in November. She explains that the way the two officers handled her was very different. The white officer treated her as a notorious criminal without any reason to while the Black officer was polite and didn’t show any sign of hatred.

“They threw me in the police car and when I gave them my story, the other officer who was white gave me a look,” describing the situation, AP reported. She further recounted that while the Black officer interrogated as required, his White counterpart only shouting at her, telling her to shut up.

Webb talking about the treatment she received from the White officer said, “I think he looked at me like I was ghetto.”
Billy Bushy, a Black man who once worked as security personnel also tells AP how he was ill-treated by a White cop. He said, there was a time when a White cop walked up to him while he was working and asked him to leave or face arrest. He said it took the intervention of his boss to calm the situation. “The majority of the time we are targeted. They are going to stop us and they are going to run our names and try,” Brushy said.

This survey is a true reflection of the relationship between White cops and Black people. White cops will stop at nothing to unleash outright justice on Black people without proper assessment of the situation. No wonder they have killed so many innocent and harmless African-Americans. They think every Black person arrested deserves to die and be maltreated. There is a heavy presence of racial profiling in the police service and the government and people of America must stand up against this horrible situation.

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