Is The American System Against Black People?

The reason African-Americans can’t seem to put their heart-breaking history behind them is the undeniable fact that its characteristics still manifests in today’s America

A Real Estate Developer and Activist, Jay Morrison was involved in a heated debate with Fox Business Analyst, Charles Payne in his quest to explain why he tagged the U.S government as a hate group. The brave Black man said his statement was influenced by the rampant continuous abusive treatment unleashed on Black people by the nation. To further elucidate his opinion on the U.S government, Morrison made a profound remark, he said: “love is a verb, an action word. Hate is as well. As a humanitarian, I ground myself in love in order to challenge divisive hate.”

The Black businessman and activist further argued that the government might not necessarily come out boldly with laws and conditions that clearly make it seem as an enemy of the Black-American but the effects of the system point that fact out.
It is not a mere coincidence that most people who are affected by the governmental policies and laws are the African-American. In his article, he writes: “However, I have personally witnessed the devastation that government policies have brought upon my family and people who look like me. I am forced to acknowledge that I’m one of the hardworking but fortunate “talented tenth” who are able to break the cycle of oppression.”

Moreover, Morrison stated that although racism is said to be dealt with, yet the system and policies which were racially influenced are still in place. This creates a conducive atmosphere for racists to perpetuate their deeds. According to Jay Morrison, these loopholes are deliberately used by the government to further oppress the African-American. He buttresses his point by stating that “But the problem is, if you put good people into a faulty system, it will always yield negative results.”
The government laws and policies are all means just to incarcerate majority of Black people. It looks like they have become the target. It is meant not to help them but rather, make life more difficult.

Jay Morrison’s submission may be true after all because, as he rightly said, love is an action word just as hatred. So, if the American government says it is truly against racism and inequalities, it should be palpable in its policies and laws. Too many Black people have for so long been at the disadvantage of the government policies and laws. A clear example of policies and laws that promote racism is the recent Louisiana’s Blue Lives Matter bill which was passed; giving the over-empowered and privileged officers to get away with hate crimes.

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