NEW On BlackMattersUS: All Black Protest Meetups In One Place

All Black rallies, meetings, and protests are now in one place. Search for a meetup in your area to attend. Create your own meetup and get it promoted to more than 300,000 people for free.

BlackMattersUS has been organizing meetups all over the USA for some time now. Some of our meetups like “Not My Heritage” rally against the symbols of racism and the “Rally In Memory Of Eric Garner” were very successful. Besides, we are always ready to support and co-operate with activists all across the country.

We’ve found out that there are no useful online servises providing an opportunity to track all meetups that aim to raise African American issues. Therefore, we decided to create our own “Black Meetups” platform.

“Black Meetups” is the fullest base of all the rallies, protests, and meetings related to Black social justice concerns that have taken or are going to take place in the United States. If you want to become a part of the movement for justice join your voice against urgent problems, “Black Meetups” will help you get involved.

If passive participating is not enough for you or you can’t find the meetup dedicated to the issue of your concern, we give you a powerful tool to make real changes. It is extremely easy to create new meetup via our platform. We guarantee the free promotion to more than 300,000 potential event-goers. We are ready to cooperate both with experienced event organizers and with those who is at the beginning of the way. All copyrights remain with original owners. If you are the one who’s organizing the event, we’ll mention you as a host and make free promotion for you.

Feel free to contact us with corresponding suggestions as we are searching for new voices, opinions, and ideas. Let’s make real changes together.

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