Justice Demanded For Aaron Bailey

Aaron Bailey’s family members and those involved in social justice advocacy groups gathered at City Market to demand justice on Friday.

Aaron Bailey; a 45-year-old unarmed Black man who was fatally shot by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers on Thursday.

According to Newsone,  dozens of individuals—including Bailey’s family members got together for a demonstration at City Market in Downtown Indianapolis.


During the demonstration, Satchuel Cole, the vice president of a social justice collective called DON’T SLEEP, shared how the narrative of unarmed Black and Brown men losing their lives at the hands of law enforcement officials is becoming all too common. “I am tired,” said Cole, according to the source. “I’m tired of the hashtags. I’m tired of having to do this over, and over and over for Black people over, and over and over, and it never stops.”

bailey2 bailey3

Bailey’s loved ones also expressed their sadness and confusion over the shooting during the demonstration. “I think we all just want to know why,” said his stepdaughter Angela Bailey. “Why it had to happen like that. Because it was a different route they could have took.”

“Use of excessive force by law enforcement officers can no longer be tolerated in our communities. The lack of accountability erodes trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve, which impedes the ability to solve crime,” said Greater Indianapolis NAACP President Chrystal Ratcliffe. “The NAACP is committed to a proactive approach to police shootings and all other forms of police brutality. Our solution to this egregious problem is accountability.”


All we can do is resist, resist at all times, all places and by all means. Because one day it may be my turn or yours.

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