Ice Cube’s Consistent Struggle Against Hillary Clinton Continues

The famous rapper is sure the former Secretary of State was one of the originators of ‘Justification’ for Police Brutality.

Ice Cube, unlike many celebrities, bases his political position on a serious analysis and expresses it with bitter straightforwardness. Back in the 80’s, he was one of not many rappers, who dared address the issues of police misconduct and brutality aimed at poor, marginalized majorly Black communities.

Nowadays Cube directed his rage to the government in general and Hillary Clinton, who he thinks wages a war against black people.

The famous rapper and a filmmaker is still not ready to believe the former Secretary of State gave up her racist ideas and the ‘superpredators’ concept of the past.

In view of the recent tragic events, having taken lives of many African-Americans, his views, and his songs gained additional popularity. For example, Cube refused to stop performing his old hit ‘F*ck Tha Police,’ written in cooperation with N.W.A rap group, even after Baton Rouge events. He is completely sure he knows who is to blame for the present situation.

“And for some reason, the Democrats feel they’re exempt from these [Black Lives Matter] protests like ‘we’re Democrats, why are you talking to us like this, go talk to the Republicans,’” Cube said.

“No, no. Everybody’s a little guilty of turning their back or passing bad legislation and everyone should be called out on it.”

Cube understands and shares the frustration most African-Americans feel, like no other; he clearly sees the connection between the police violence against black people in the past and the tensed situation in the present.

“The LAPD did a war on gangs,” Cube noted. “But if I’m a Black kid that’s not in a gang but I look like a gang member to this White officer, then it’s a war on me.”

“Now the authorities feel like they are justified in how they treat these so-called ‘superpredators.’”

Ice Cube is not yet telling us, how to stop this war, but he is bringing to our attention more and more arguments concerning the person, who started it.

“If [Hillary Clinton] becomes the president of the United States, we need to know what she’s thinking, how does she think, how she’s going to handle, how she’s going to fix this. She helped create it, in a way.”

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