Murder of Eric Garner Vs Murder of Alton Sterling: Spot the Difference

The Black community laments as “Black-life” cannot be assured tomorrow

Blacks in America walk in abject fear as life may elude us at any point in time. Such an uncertainty in the hearts of all Blacks brings to light the reality of Black oppression in the so-called ‘Land of the Free’. Hearts bleed as “Black-life” cannot be promised tomorrow.

Over the years, Blacks have been killed mercilessly and without sensibly justifiable reasons. Whether it is a deliberate way of the white folks to clear the Black race from the surface of the earth or not, we leave that to eternity to judge. Indeed Blacks in America live in fear and uncertainty. Why do the white systems want to doom the Black race?

Frankly speaking, Blacks have toiled with their blood and sweat to the nation building of America. So the question is, why then are the white folks maltreating us? We just can’t understand but whatever it is, we will prevail in the fight for total Black liberalism.

The separate tragedies that befell our dear brothers Eric Garner and Alton Sterling are not farfetched. These two have been eulogized as great society icons that lived as responsible citizens by working to make ends meet to support their young families.

A critical study of the American system which was uniquely designed to favor the “white faces” clearly shows how our white folks want to make criminals out of many Blacks by denying us job opportunities. But for these two just as many other Blacks, never made the “white system” break them down. They still found decent ways of earning a living with Sterling selling CDs and Garner, a cigarette seller until their brutal murder at the hands of wicked-hearted Cops.

Several racist media that reported that Alton Sterling was selling pirated and hot CDs is wholly untrue. We vehemently oppose that claim and advise that the racist media stop misleading the public. It is only a way to twist public attention so that the culprits may go unpunished just as has been the story over the years. These are one of the antics of the racist media who would want to find ungodly justifiable means for such an atrocity of murdering Alton Sterling in cold blood.

“The individuals involved in his [Sterling’s] murder took away a man with children, who depended on their daddy on a daily basis,” Sterling’s wife said, standing alongside her distraught 15-year-old son. “My son is not the youngest, but the oldest of his siblings. He had to watch this as it was put all over the [media] outlets.”- those were the words of the wife of 37-year old slain Baton Rouge, Louisiana CD salesman Alton Sterling.

As fear grips the hearts of all Blacks, the only question on our lips is “who is next?” As questions of this run through the heads of Blacks, we can’t help ourselves but step up the fight for our liberty. On this note, we send a strong word of caution to the police and racist media society to stay clearly off Black matters if and if only they are bent on reporting lies.

In conclusion, the Black community wholeheartedly upholds the fight against Black oppression even as our hearts bleed for our lost brethren. Join the protests for justice!

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