Dallas Sniper Attack: Who Is To Blame?

Black Lives Matter and Dallas Police Officers Attacked by Snipers

Following the shooting of Eric Garner and Alton Sterling by the police, Black Lives Matter decided to go on a peaceful protest to call on authorities to listen to the plea of the Black community. The protest was organized in the wake of the rising death toll on the Black community.

Hoping to demonstrate peacefully, calamity befell the Movement and the Police service that were at the time ensuring peace and order among the protesters. In a blink of an eye, five officers and two civilians (Blacks) were gunned down in an “ambush-style” by snipers in the Texas city. One of the culprits was captured whilst the other committed suicide. As to what mindset the snipers had to gun down the police and two other protesters, we are yet to uncover as investigations are underway.

Admittedly, both culprits were Blacks but are not part of the Movement. We believe that the intention for such an inhuman act is best known to the culprits considering the fact that the protest was a very peaceful one.

The reality is that neither BLM nor the police was never interested in any gun battle (shooting).It is highly sensed that the snipers only wanted to instigate a race war in the country. And the truth be told, who is interested in race-war? Certainly not the Black Lives Matter Movement or the police.

Critically analyzing the occurrence, how possible is it that BLM could cause unarmed protesters to shoot and kill armed police officers?  If that were to be the situation, it would have been “suicidal” since a return of fire from the police could on have taken the lives of a majority of the protesters. So it is obvious that there is a third party behind the scenes trying to instigate race-war in the country and certainly not BLM.

Based on the aforestated facts, as to who had reasons to cause such a calamity’ and who is to profit from the sniper attack, we leave that as an investigation is pending.

We ask the families of our fallen Black brethren and the police who happened to have been the unfortunate victims on that fateful day to accept our condolences.

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