Teachers Hung 5-Year-Old Black Special Needs Boy By Belt From Top Of Chalkboard

The teachers responsible for such a cruel and inhumane punishment of child should be fired and never allowed to teach again.

A Georgian woman is furious after a teacher punished her 5-year-old special needs grandson by making him hang by his belt from a loop on the top of a chalkboard at Shoal Creek Elementary School in Conyers, Georgia, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports.

Tracy Davis said that the child’s screams and cries alerted the principal, who intervened and stopped the punishment.

“He was in distress because he was screaming and hollering,” Davis said.

According to a report from WSB-TV, the state Division of Family and Children Services interviewed the boy and discovered that the teacher has punished him in that cruel manner before.

Davis says she was told by the school authorities that two teachers and a paraprofessional have been penalized for their inhumane treatment of the child.

But Davis, who says her grandson is sad as a result of the incident, believes these teachers deserve more than just discipline.

‘I don’t want those teachers to never have the privilege to teach again,’ she said.

In a statement to the ABC affiliate, the school district proclaimed that “Rockdale County Public Schools takes all matters of this kind very seriously and is currently conducting a full investigation.”

These teachers should be dismissed and never allowed around a school again because they were more than cold-hearted to inflict such a punishment on a 5-year-old kid facing unique challenges due to developmental disabilities.

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