Is Freddie Gray A Victim of ‘Rough Ride’?

Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Shatzow alleged Thursday, June 9, that Freddie Gray’s death was as a result of rough ride.

Jun. 10,2016


Attorney Michael Shatzow said in an opening statement, during the trial of Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., that Freddie Gray beaten to coma while being transported in a police van was a victim of “rough ride”.

Baltimore City NAACP president, Tessa Hill-Aston, admitted that the union come across lots of complains about police purposefully roughly handling suspects in order to get information from them. Presence of rough ride practice, when a handcuffed arrestee is placed into a van, where he/she hits the walls while the driver is accelerating and braking abruptly, among police officers speaks for itself as city pay millions of dollars to settle victims of these actions.

Hill-Aston reasonably suspected Goodson of using this dreadful practice towards Freddie Gray. She asked the officer, why he and his colleagues made so many stops on their way. Absence of a clear answer for this question once again proves Goodson’s guilt. It also makes all the other officers involved, including Nero and Porter, his accomplices.

Goodson, who drove Gray in the police van, faces charges with “second-degree depraved-heart murder”, second-degree assault and involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter by vehicle, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. If he is found guilty, he will likely have a 30 year maximum jail sentence. His lawyer is trying to excuse his criminal and allegedly intended negligence with the fact that many criminals fake traumas to avoid justice.

Maybe some suspects when arrested do simulate, but the statistics of black deaths in custody tells us that many of them don’t, they die due to police brutality and negligence. Rough ride didn’t kill Freddie Gray, rough and brutal police officers did!

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Is Freddie Gray A Victim of ‘Rough Ride’?
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