Why Black Medical Doctors Earn Far Less Then Their Whites Mates

A new study reveals racial disparities and inequality among black and white medical doctors.

Racial disparities and inequality have a long history in most occupations such as in the field of medicine, which has limited people of color in making choices.

The British Medical Journal’s recent study shows that black medical doctors earn relatively less than white doctors of this same qualification. While the annual earning of a white male doctor is $253,042, black male doctors earn $188,230, after years of hard struggle and paying expensive fees.

Dr. Dan Ly of the VA Boston Healthcare explained that their “findings are not only disconcerting for black male doctors but also highlight the lower incomes of female doctors relative to their male peers.” Women earn about 36 percent less than men, even though they all have similar jobs and qualifications.

But what might be the possible reason why the racial disparities and inequality in not only the medical field, but in almost every occupation?
The Washington Post suggested that since doctors of color have more low-income patients, that might be a reason why the pay gap. They further explained that because of racial discrimination, black men and women are limited to certain specialties that are more lucrative.

Dr. Anupam Jena of Massachusetts General Hospital said, “race and sex differences in specialty choice, location of practice, hours worked, and insurance case-mix explain some of the gap, but even accounting for these factors, a gap remains.”

These are issues the government knows about, but pretends not to see them. A survey by the International Labor Organization’s Global Wage shows that out of 38 nations, the U.S. has the largest pay gap.

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