One More Officer Who Manhandled Black Teen Won’t Face Charges

Eric Casebolt was put on leave after the incident and has since resigned from his job due to the pressure from activists, but Texas grand jury decided not to incriminate him.

The grand jury in Colin County, Texas decided not to incriminate ex McKinney Police Officer Eric Casebolt, who grabbed and threw a teenage girl to the ground last year during the swimming-pool party. He was called to the event after two adults had started the fight, but occasionally he finished up beating a black girl. Jury said that there was not enough proof to sue him and besides he had already resigned from his work.

We’re glad that they system worked in his favor in this case,” Casebolt’s attorney, Tom Mills said with excitement. And we are not surprised for their actions either.

He grabbed me, twisted my arm on my back and shoved me in the grass and started pulling the back of my braids,” said Dajerria Becton.

Even though he didn’t arrest her, manhandling her was absolutely unnecessary.

Now if police officers are not charged for killing blacks as in Freddie Gray or Eric Garner cases, how would they be charged for such brutal actions?

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