South Carolina White Man Kills Two Blacks, Burns And Buries Their Bodies

James Edward Loftis granted bail in shooting of a black taxi driver and his friend.

Loftis picked a taxi to his house coming back from a Saturday night club. When they got to his destination, he said “I’ll get your money”. The black taxi driver Guma Oz Dubar and his friend James Cody Newland decided to follow him to his door. Loftis returned with a 45-caliber semi-automatic handgun and fired off eight shots, killing both men.

According to reports, Loftis decided to handle the situation on his own instead of calling cops.  So he dug a hole behind his backyard and burnt the bodies there.

He was arrested and charged with two counts murder.

Loftis’ attorney, Stephen Harris, said that his client’s actions were “heinous”, but again stated that, “He’s a human being. He freaked out and thought he was going to prison, so he tried to hide the bodies. Nobody knows how you’re going to react when you kill two people.” Harris said the 39-year-old man acted in self-defense when he shot Dubar and Cody.

Loftis was granted bail using the “Stand Your Ground” law that says you have the right to use of deadly force against an intruder in your home. He was required to pay a sum of $250.000 at a court hearing on Sunday. According to reports, he will remain under house arrest until his trial.

A man refuses to pay taxi fare, kills innocent men and goes to the extent of burning their bodies and is granted immunity in the society.

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