Black Woman Inspired By Mandela Stands Up Against Swedish Neo-Nazis

A 42-year-old black activist, Tess Asplund, stood up to 300 Neo-Nazis on Sunday, May 1, 2016 as they marched into the town of Borlange.

The photo of Asplund facing Nordic extremist soon went viral, drawing attention to the fight against racism in Sweden.

In an interview with Swedish Radio, Asplund said, “I felt when they arrived that they shouldn’t be here and spread their hate.” She said her gesture was inspired by the late Nelson Mandela, who bravely fought against apartheid in South Africa. “I don’t think I was even thinking. I just jumped out. Things happened quite quickly. Then a police officer pulled me away.”

A video of the incident posted by Dala-Demokraten newspaper shows Asplund facing the group and walking backwards with a clenched fist. One of the bald headed men pushes her to get out of their way, but she refuses.

I have fought against racism for 26 years. I am 42 now. And if this is a thing that makes people pay attention to the fight against racism and xenophobia, then that’s very good,” Asplund said during the interview.

Because of Asplund’s bravery to stand up against racism, she was applauded by many influential people including J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. The example of this brave and beautiful woman might inspire one to resist racism in his/her own country. White supremacists all around the world will soon understand that we are not afraid of them, and we are not going to tolerate them.

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