Police Investigate Hateful Beating Of Black Student In Iowa

A black U of l student, Marcus Owens, was severely beaten on Monday, May 2 by 3 white racist men.

A 19-year-old freshman at University of lowa, Owens, reported to the police that he was strolling in a neighborhood when a white man approached him and punched him in his face several times. Two more joined to beat him mercilessly, while shouting racial slurs, told young man to the police officers.

According to reports, Owens suffered damage to his eye socket, had injuries to his lip that required stitches and his front teeth were knocked out. Later he get the treatment for his injuries at the university’s Clinics.

The Iowa City Police Department said they have collected information about possible suspects and were investigating the assault of the black student as a hate crime.

Tom Rocklin, the university vice president for student life, said he hopes that those who were involved in the assault could be identified soon and face criminal charges.  “If any UI students are responsible, they will likely face sanctions such as suspension or expulsion from the school,” he added.

Owens is not the only black man who has been recently attacked because of his color. Hugh Pettigrew, 33, was stabbed to death by three Latinos, who have already been arrested for hate crime.

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