The People Of Africa: Africans To Convene For National Black Political Convention

Africans in the U.S. look to hold the National Black Political Convention a few days before the U.S. election.

Africans in Washington D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, and Maryland met in their respective states over the weekend to agree to the ‘black people’s agenda’ which comprises of 19-points and Declaration.

The aim is to organize Black people from various states in the country (including Alabama, Florida, and Missouri), who have signed onto the Black Power Agenda to convene at the National Black Political Convention. The Black Power Agenda was brought about by the deceit and empirical failure of both white ruling parties to remedy the so-called “black people” problems and the uttered uneasiness the present candidates for president bring to mind.

Africans in the U.S. have come to an agreement to have our own National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination and are set to convene in Washington on November 5th and 6th, a few days before the presidential election.

The Black is Back Coalition (BIBC) For Social Justice, Peace and Reparations are leading the movement and helping the Africans who are disappointed and tired of the daily police murders, impoverishment forced on the Black community and water poisoning with a realistic 19-point agenda, with the view of finding solutions to our problems ourselves.

The 19 points are as follows: Black women; Black family; Black community control of the police; free all political prisoners; roll back and end mass Black incarceration; reparations; self-defense; nationalize the banks and end forever the rule of capital; full employment and a national minimum income; right to housing; halt gentrification; Black business must be nurtured; right to free education through post-graduate level; free, universal and quality health care for all; voting rights; s. out of Africa, Asia, and Latin America; the west must pay its debt to Africa and its descendants; free Palestine, down with Israeli apartheid; climate change and toxic pollution created by capitalism must end.

Black people have suffered for too long and the time for a change is now. Majority of the poor people in U.S. are from the Black community, due to the fact that we have been deprived of so many things that we’ve got the rights to. Not to talk of the racial discrimination, profiling, police violence and the rest of the factors of social injustice that we face every blessed day of our lives. We can’t trust these presidential candidates, as all they’ve done is just lie; we need our candidates.

Source: The Burning Spear
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