The New York Times Sued For Discrimination

A lawsuit filed by two black female employees claims the New York Times does not stand for the liberal viewpoints it presents in its papers

Two black women have opened a class action law suit against New York Times and its CEO Mark Thompson for three of the most common forms of discrimination known to America – racial, gender and age discrimination – reports the Guardian.

In the lawsuit, which is expected to be backed by 50 others, Marjorie Walker, 61, and Ernestine Grant, 62, allege the company, which is renowned for its “liberal social viewpoints,” is pushing out older more experienced female and black employees in favors of “young, white, single” men its “ideal staffer.”

According to the Guardian, the duo who work at the Time’s advertising department claimed that the older black women, at whose expense the company’s advertising directors have become “increasingly younger and whiter,” were ignored for promotions and were given fewer wages than white employees.

To highlight the depth of the company’s “endemic” gender inequality, the lawsuit cited the dismissal of former Executive Editor Jill Abramson.  Abramson was fired and replaced with male employee after she complained about getting paid less than her male peers and predecessors.

According to Grant, CEO Thompson and his Chief Revenue Officer, Meredith Levien, have set an “aggressive” and “discriminatory agenda,” over the past three years.

The Times has dismissed the lawsuit, which accuses its top executives of fostering “a culture of discrimination” as “scurrilous and unjustified.”

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are not new to the American public. Per this lawsuit, the New York Times is a very vicious one.

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