Black Man’s Response To Racists Under Investigation

According to the protest organizers, white supremacy needs to be met with force wherever it expresses its genocidal aspirations.

A black Twitter user is under investigation for responding to a racist YouTube video with a video in which he brandished fake guns and joked about shooting any racist who threatens him at the May 2 Strike at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The disbanded protest against student-loan, which was scheduled to hold on Monday, became marred in threats of racial violence when a video of supposedly white-supremacists using the N-word and threatening to lynch black students at the protests was posted YouTube.

Below is the “SIUC White is Right” video, which has been removed from YouTube twice:

And this is the video-joke the young passionate African-American man, who would not let his freedom and safety be disturbed by racists posted on Twitter:

The African-American Twitter user has declined to identify himself and suggested in a tweet that police have been in contact with him adding another tweet, in which he maintained that he is “not a killer,” and has no intention of attacking anyone.

Despite the fact that the young black man’s video is clearly a joke and the weapons, which were used are obviously toys, both the SIUC police and Carbondale law enforcement are investigating the Twitter video but not the threat that led to it.

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