12-Year-Old Boy Suspended From School For Standing Up To Bully

Jaden Malone’s mom has removed him from the N.C. charter school over his suspension for pushing bully off him.

A furious Charlotte, N.C., mother has pulled her son out from the Invest Collegiate Charter School over his suspension for defending himself against a bully, WJZY reports.

Kandis Malone told WJZY-TV on Wednesday that her son, Jaden Malone, 12, was handed a 3-day suspension for pushing off a boy who threw him to ground and repeatedly punched him in the head, leaving him with a concussion.

“He pushed him three times to try to get him off of him to protect his head, because the boy was hitting him in the head, you know, a lot,” Malone said.

Malone expressed her dissatisfaction with the school’s ruling calling it “unfair”, and also noted that Jaden will be kept on the sidelines of his baseball team for several weeks because of his injuries.

According to WJZY, the director of the charter school said the state’s “zero tolerance” policy also applies to students who defend themselves.

“School policies are school policies, North Carolina policies are zero tolerance. I hate it for the child but it is what it is,” the school’s director told the station.

Malone said Invest Collegiate officials suspended the other boy for five days, but Jaden will not be returning to the charter school because of its “zero tolerance” policies.

However, Dr. Thomas Miller, the executive director of the public charter school with campuses in Charlotte and Asheville, told the Daily News in an email that there is no mention of the words “zero tolerance” in the school’s disciplinary guidelines.

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