Cop Racially Profiles Black Men In Rich White Neighborhood

You should see the embarrassment on his face after viewing the property, which belonged to one of the men.

In this video, 2 black men, Alphonza Mabry and Steven Jumper, were riding in an affluent community to check on their home. A cop pulled them over and wanted to know why they were in the neighborhood. The men offered the cop to come and see their home as proof. Everything was recorded live. Watch the video and take a keen look at the face of the white racist officer after seeing their house. When they offered him to enter, he refused, maybe because he was embarrassed and ashamed or simply afraid.

Peace to those brothers doing good positive and motivating things for the community. We are thankful to such people for their patience and politeness.

Police want to dog us out when some blacks are in the streets doing crime so congratulations to these brothers doing only good!

Always stand up for your rights and make white supremacists to disgrace themselves in disbelief!

It is high time we stop using molds instead of thinking deeply about what we say about people. Our judgments should be void of racism and stereotyping. There are a lot of rich Black Americans too living in elite neighborhoods, so cops be warned or be ashamed.

Share this article and help to fight against racism in our community.

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