Minneapolis prepares a new policy governing filming police actions

Minneapolis affirms your right to take photographs and video of officers while they are working.

In fact, police officers in our country have a right to stop you filming them only when they believe that the video will be used for purposes of terrorism. In all other cases they have no power to stop you for filming them in a public place. However, it’s been an ongoing issue between the police and the people they serve.

A new policy states that Minneapolis officers who interfere with a resident filming or photographing them — as long as that person isn’t inhibiting the cops from doing their job — will be subject to discipline.

“We tell our officers that you should assume you’re on camera all the time,” Lt. Bob Kroll, the police union boss said. “If you don’t, you’re not going to work in this field very long.”

But Kroll also said that cops will have a right to film demonstrators and protesters as well.

We would never know what happened to Eric Garner, Walter Scott and other victims of police brutality if bystanders haven’t filmed the incidents. Also, let’s not forget that District Attorney failed to prosecute cops in death of Eric Garner; however, the man who filmed it was arrested.

“People have a First Amendment right as long as they are in a place where they are lawfully allowed to be,” said ACLU of Minnesota legal director Teresa Nelson. “If you don’t have a right to be there, don’t film.”


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