Fox News Asks Black Students To Say ‘Ghetto’

Jesse B Watters, an interviewer at Fox News reached the students of Princeton University obviously trying to piss them off, but he failed.

When someone says ‘ghetto’ how do you feel about that?” Watters asked a black teenager with a foot afro. “I feel like they should be more careful in their choice of words,” the teen replied.

In a different conversation with another student he asked, “When Trump says ‘Make America Great Again,’ how does that make you feel?”  The student replied, “It’s not the America that was great for people who look like me”

Walters then approached an African-American girl and all he received form her was a “bye”. It seems like he wasn’t getting what he expected to see, despite the annoying way of interviewing and pushing the microphone right to the students` faces.

Watters went further to ask a few white students, one of which he asked how comfortable she felt saying ghetto. “I probably wouldn’t use it myself, no,” the white girl replied.

According to reports, Watters asked the students about the words like “white privilege”, “black crime”, and “Islamic terrorism” to observe what would be their reactions. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the reaction he wanted as most of the students kept calm and answered with laughter.

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