10-Year-Old Spot-On About The Unfair Criminal Justice System

Watch as he calmly, rationally, and totally convincingly lays out why our criminal justice system is skewed in favor of the haves, over the have-nots.

If you think children, especially African-American kids, are oblivious to everyday things happening in their communities, watch this kid blow your mind as he calmly, rationally, and eloquently scrutinizes the failed criminal justice system.

In this video, which has gone viral since it’s posting on the Internet, a 10-year-old elementary school kid participating in a mini debate session discusses the influence of wealth gap on our nation’s unjust judicial system.

Watch this articulate boy present his argument in favor of banning the death penalty in the U.S., citing ‘OJ Simpson vs The People’ as a reference – a case that ended in one of America’s most controversial rulings.

“The criminal justice system is really not fair,” he begins. “Because the average person that’s wealthy can easily pay their way out of prison.
It’s really all about money because the people who have the money always pay their way out. They hire the best lawyers, people who know they did the crime.”

Then he adds: “But the people put on death row are the people who hardly have anything. People that hardly have family. Think about it this way: Back to my favorite show ‘OJ Simpson vs The People’…”

“He literally paid his way out of jail! It wasn’t from his lawyer, it wasn’t from the jury, it was the way that he represented himself, it was the way that he paid people to let him free,” he continued.

This is the simplest proof you would ever find of how biased and unjust the justice system is.

Although such a topic may seem a little less suitable for children to discuss, the young kid in this video handled it brilliantly, and, perhaps, better than most adults would. This proves that black children are educated and enlightened, contrary to common misconceptions of them being up to no good.

We hope that adults, whose job it is to bring change, see the prejudice from a black kid’s point of view, and work in good faith to ensure wealth equity and fairness in the judicial system.

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