Instagram Project Gives Voice To Prisoners

'Everyday Incarceration' project on Instagram shares visual stories of prisoners, ex-prisoners and those who love them.

Zara Katz, a photo editor and visual producer, and reporter Lisa Riordan Seville have decided to share stories of prisoners, ex-prisoners and those who love them on Instagram. Their visual storytelling project is called ‘Everyday Incarceration’.

Lisa Riordan Seville has been working with criminal-justice stories for approximately ten years.

“I suppose the greatest change in my views of the prison system is I’m increasingly interested in the impact prisons have on people and places beyond just the four walls of a facility,” – she said.

You will see many black and brown faces in these photos because that’s who is there.

This project is especially important at a time when black people are incarcerated at six times the rate of whites. It’s not a secret that the “War On Drugs” has destroyed many African American lives. It has helped in filling up jails with young black men.

Recently Nixon advisor John Ehrlichman admitted that “War On Drugs” Was Anti-Black.

People behind bars finally have a chance to be heard.

You definitely need to see these photos:

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