A White Officer Handcuffs Black Man After He Was Assaulted

Greenville, N.C. University is investigating into March 17 incident of Patrick Myrick, a black man, severely assaulted by white students and then handcuffed by white police officers.

The university Chancellor Steve Ballard in his statement said that the dreadful incident started off on campus and ended at East Carolina University when the black student was on a run from the severe beating, and eventually was caught and beaten near a dining hall.

“We understand the investigation thus far provides no confirmation that race played a role. We hope that to be the case and we urge our campus and community to let the process work,” according to Ballard.

It’s quite ridiculous, when the police act like they are doing their job, but lie to the public. The main question is why would the victim be cuffed in the first place? It’s clear that the police refused to analyze the situation and took the victim’s race into consideration, which can be fairly considered as racial profiling.

Officers always want to ‘throw dust in the eyes’ of people, making them believe they are fair in their judgement.
However, we all know that when it comes to dealing with blacks, America is always biased; and this incident is just another proof.

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