Archaeologists Making Discovery At Malcolm X’s Home In Boston

Archaeologists conducted a background check the home of the Black activist and African American leader, Malcolm X, Tuesday March 29, with the aim of finding more about his early life, and came across interesting relics.

On Tuesday the city launched a search by a group of Boston based archaeologists, who are used to searching sites that are hundreds of years old. As we know, it’s only decades since the civil right leader lived in Roxbury neighborhood in Boston, CBS News reported.

The prominent Figure, Malcolm and his little sister Ella Little Collins lived on 72 Dale Street in Roxbury where the search was conducted in the early 1940s. Ella’s son, Rodnell owns the house today.

In an interview with Rodnell before the search, he told the CBS News, “He held me in his arms as a baby and I buried him. I covered his body and identified his body at the morgue with my mother and I.”

According to Joseph Bagley, the city archaeologist, and Rodnell who joined the search, their objective was to find personal belongings which would tell much about the Malcolm’s family family.

“It’s important for us as a family to tell about Malcolm X legacy and the shoulders he stood on,” Rodnell said.
A true leader always remains a true leader. Malcolm’s ideas are still alive today, because we are still on the verge of attaining perfection in the Black fraternity.

A search in a true warrior’s vicinity was a success, especially when objects which are over decades can still be discovered.
Take a look at this video with interesting things that were discovered.

Recovering legacy of Malcolm X is a noble idea and someone should’ve do this long time ago. It’s really important to recover black history heritage. But please don’t think that Malcolm is merely a relic! On the contrary, his legacy, his struggle for justice and identity of black Americans remains a live issue today.

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