Pot Business In Colorado Is A New Job Engine

According to new statistics, pot does not make you lazy. Cannabis industry is providing job growth in Colorado.

Let’s break another myth about cannabis. Some say that smoking weed makes people lazy because it affects the area of the brain responsible for motivation. Skyrocketing 68% cannabis job growth in Colorado says otherwise. And that means cannabis doesn’t make you lazy, being lazy makes you lazy.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, as of December 2015, the state had issued 26,929 occupational licenses to workers employed at medical and recreational cannabis companies – a tremendous 68% increase from December 2014.

“At the end of 2013, when only medical marijuana businesses existed (the rec industry launched in 2014), there were less than 7,000 occupational licensees in the state.”

In fact, we can’t determine the real growth percentage, because
the 2015 figure does not include those involved in the industry that don’t need to get a license. The real numbers are higher.

So now can we assert that pot makes people lazy and apathetic? All of those “lazy” people are fueling a skyrocketing industry during a time of otherwise sluggish economic growth in the country. Did you know that crime rates have fallen in Colorado too?

Let’s not believe stereotypes and myths about pot.

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