Outside Law Firm To Investigate Police Shootings In Chicago

An outside law firm would review past police shootings and misconduct in Chicago.

On Wednesday March 23, Sharon Fairley, Chief administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority in Chicago, announced that an outside law firm would investigate past police shootings in the city.

The unit aims to restore trust through the reviewing process.  “Trust in our agency in particular is at an all-time low,” she said. “The purpose of this audit is to assess the processes and the policies that were in place that led to these outcomes, so that those can be changed going forward,”

There have been over 400 police`s shootings and misconduct since 2007, only two of which were justified.

The investigation is set to start next week, it includes case involving a police officer who shot a man holding a baseball bat, and another one with an officer killing a 17-year-old black teen carrying an iPhone box which the officer mistook for a gun.

Sharon Fairley with her team hopes to restore justice in these police fatal killings and misconduct.

Although this action is very encouraging, we still have to do more for bringing safety and equality to our communities.  First of all we should show law-enforcement officers and politics that we are not going to put up with injustice and we can stand up for ourselves.  The law is the same for each of us, no one should forget about it.

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