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A hilarious vine video in an entertaining way shows how shop keepers behaves to customers differently based on their skin color.

So, I came across a vine video yesterday and its concept caught my attention straightaway. A Hip Hop rap artist and comedian by name DeStorm Power published a video on March 14, 2016, entitled “How it feels when someone checks to see if your money is real”.

On a first thought, I considered it to be one of DeStorm’s usual funny vine videos, but after I watched the video clip to the end, I realized the video was carrying a message deep in thought, yet easy to analyze.

The video literally shows how a shop keeper reacts to two customers, one a Black guy,the other, White. “There’s a lot of counterfeits coming through” the lady behind the counter told the Black customer, raising the dollar up the lamp, checking it thoroughly, as if she suspected the Black guy came in with a dollar counterfeit. The entertaining story-line of this vine video actually becomes more interesting as a cop comes in with a gun. ‘Bang,’ he seemingly fired a warning shot. “Is it real?” he demanded from the customer.

Funny and entertaining, this vine somehow talks about racial discrimination.

Check out the video and leave your comments down below.

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