Our Kids Are Still Drinking Contaminated Water In Schools And Daycare Centers

Shocking new report finds lead contamination in 350 water systems serving schools, putting thousands more children at risk.

Amid Congress’ scrutiny of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s handling of the Flint water crisis, a USA Today investigation has revealed the problem with lead-contaminated water in America, especially in our children’s schools extends far beyond Flint, Michigan.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency statistics showed that water supply systems in some 350 schools and child-care facilities across America were contaminated with lead.

According to the USA Today, the main reasons for the occurrence of risks from lead-contaminated water include: the lack of an across the board government policy on testing at education facilities, and the irregularity with which parents conduct testing for high lead levels in children’s blood.

According to the USA Today, parents only identify high lead levels in school-age children when it causes physiological problems and diminished academic progress, given that routine tests are only done for babies.

The report discovered schools in Maine and Pennsylvania with hazardous levels of lead poisoning –A sink in an elementary school was found to have lead levels so high that the water met the EPA guidelines for “hazardous waste.”

EPA officials have recommended via email to USA Today that all schools and daycare centers start testing for lead poisoning with immediate effect.

However, there are doubts school officials will comply, given that some school districts had not reported water contamination at their schools, and decided to shrug the problem under the rug.

Pediatricians and other experts warn that, deciding not to fix the problem, while allowing children to drink poisonous water could have grave consequences.

“We see learning difficulties, hyperactivity, developmental delays,” said Marcie Billings, a pediatrician with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “Any damage is irreversible.”

Once again, like almost everything bad affecting the American people, black communities are most heavily hit by the water crisis.

The fact that our children continue to be poisoned gives cause for many to blame the water contamination on deliberate actions by state officials to poison their minority population into extinction.

The pervasive and deep-rooted nature of systemic racism in this country has put us through generations of suffering. While we remain resilient in the face of evil, our oppressors have brought about a plot to get rid of us once and for all by poisoning us and our children.

Once again we say to them “We shall overcome!”

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