Security Guard Fatally Shot Teen At Lakeland Apartment

A 15-year-old boy was killed on Saturday, March 26, by a security guard at a Lakeland apartment complex when he fired a pellet shots into the guard’s face.

A 15-year-old Stephen Brenor early died on Sunday when a security guard opened fire on him, after Brenor fired a pellet shots into the guard’s face. Lakeland Police noticed that Brenor was associated with a blacklisted gang group.

At the Willow Glen Apartments, 929 N. Gilmore Avenue, around 4:46 am, Shawn Plain, the security guard, said he saw a young black guy entering the room with a handgun pointed at his face, who later fired rubber bullets. According to Plain, the teen didn’t come along but with a group of young guys within his age level.

Plain told the police that he drew his weapon and pursued them into the parking lot. “With their guns pointed at me, I decided to take cover because I was in fear,” Plain said. Plain fired his weapon out of fear and a bullet hit Brenor, who was on a run. The teen fell with his black replica handgun, whiles the other colleagues fled away.

Questions have been raised as to why Plain fired a shot, knowing that the teen was with pellet gun, and again when he saw they were on a run. The police are searching for more details related to the shooting.

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