Are The Cops Afraid Of Being Filmed?

A video shows how cops arrested a civilian for filming them maltreating a homeless man who appeared to be emotionally disturbed.

On Tuesday, the NYPD embarked on an illegal arrest of Joseph “Jazz” Hayden and Five Mualimm-ak. The duo noticed saw officers forcefully attempting to move an emotionally disturbed homeless person along the road.

According to Mualimm-ak, who is a part of the mayor’s Task Force on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice, the officers didn’t talk this mentally disturbed man down but rather applied means of force to throw him out. Mualimm-ak said that “they should always show their hands, show that they’re not going to use a weapon, and say things like, ‘Excuse me sir, I need you to do this,’ instead of giving an order.”

The emotion of the incident struck Hayden to start filming as he heard the screaming “I haven’t done anything wrong!” Hayden calmed the man down with a shout as they stayed about some yard within their rights.

Within some few minutes the place was covered with numerous civilians and suddenly another patrol car arrived. Hayden said that an officer started pushing him ordering him to stop filming, but he made him understand he was within his right prior to the distance from the incident. The officer threatened to arrest him if he doesn’t stop.

Hayden said he mistakenly grabbed the officer’s attire as he lost his balance because filming was still going on. The 74-year-old man explained that he “was trying to remain upright! He was poking me in my chest. He was out of control. I was just trying to keep my balance.”

Officer then responded by placing Hayden under arrest for obstructing and laying hands on him. He was handcuffed with his friend Mualimm-ak and both charged with misconduct and obstructing governmental administration.

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