How Thomas Jefferson Would See Racism Today

Racism has eaten into the very fiber of the society as historians now represent icons with respect to their race and group. Thomas Jefferson was the second Vice President of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson was the second Vice President of the United States of America.

Known for being outspoken on issues bordering on slavery and race, Thomas is widely revered for his unique role in the Declaration of Independence.

Undoubtedly, he will be heartbroken at the racial collectivism and division that American has plunged into.

Although some see Jefferson as a “racist” and “rapist,” we cannot undermine the fact he was a precursor of equality and individualism and hated slavery intensely.

According to historian David Barton, the author of The Jefferson Lies, Thomas’ relentless effort in contending slavery and fighting for equality made famous black civil rights leader like Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass praise him, because he had more enlightened views than many other whites of the era.

Frederick Douglass said it was from Jefferson he learned that all men are equal, black and white.

However, the growing diversity hovering on racism has grown beyond the spheres of individual concept to group based in present day America.

Presently, “we no longer see individuals as created equal. We see them as belonging to groups.

That’s what Jefferson fought back then, that’s what he wanted ended. He would want to end it today, too,” Barton said in an interview with WND TV.

Barton maintains that Thomas “was a huge advocate for racial equality and for the end of all slavery.”

He says that when Thomas was in the Continental Congress, he tried to end slavery in America. “And they missed it by one vote. And he wrote about how much one vote would have meant at that point in time, could have ended slavery way back in the 1780s. Then as president he signed laws to limit slavery, he worked with other nations to end slavery – we hear none of that today.”

Although Thomas had a slave as was in the custom of that era, he would be outraged by the present situation of environmental racism, segregation and endemic injustice in our present day America.

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