Aja Brown, Black Mayor Of Compton, Re-elected

Aja Brown, the city's youngest mayor, won about 60 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

Her campaign slogan is “Let’s Finish The Work.” In 2013, being only 31, she became the mayor of Compton… the youngest mayor. And on Tuesday Aja Brown defeated the former Mayor Omar Bradley was re-elected to lead the city for a second term.


“Throughout this campaign, we witnessed the love that Compton residents have for their city and the interest they have in our shared vision for Compton’s future,” Brown said.




Brown managed to overcome the decades of corruption” (the former mayor was convicted of the misuse of the city funds) and decrease the unemployment. “Progress is a process,” she said in the statement, “and I’m humbled and honored that Compton voters chose to keep up the momentum and finish the work that we’ve started together!” 

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We send our congratulations to the mayor of Compton and hope she will be able to successfully finish the work.

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