Protesters Ask For “Hate Crime” Hotline

The participants of Charlotte Against Trump protest addressed to their government asking to protect the citizens and residents of North Carolina from hate crimes.

Today the participants of the second Charlotte Against Trump protest organised by Black Matters and led by Andrew Fede have called the concerned citizens and residents of North Carolina to contribute to the  measures designed to oppose the bigoted agenda promoted by the President-elect Donald Trump and his new government. Many people in America see a frightening rise in the occurrence of the attacks on the members of so-called “vulnerable communities”; these attacks are based on  gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status and even disabilities.

Numerous states took serious steps  to defend  their people from bias-motivated criminal activity and harassment. One of such steps is the launch of a round-the-clock “Hate Crime” hotline which has already been commenced in New York and Massachusetts.

So now the protesters are requesting their Governor-Elect and current Attorney General Roy Cooper, Mayor of Charlotte Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte City Manager Marcus D. Jones, Mecklenburg County Commissioner Trevor Fuller, Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles, NC Senator Jeff Jackson and Charlotte City Councilwoman Julie Eiselt to follow the example of the other states and implement the same hotline, as it will give the concerned parties a chance of report hate crimes and will become the first step in the development of the plan of protection of the most vulnerable communities from the possible negative impact of the policies carried out by Trump’s administration.

If you are really eager to fight for justice and the future without bias we urge you to join us and sign the following petition.

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