Cop Stops Motorist For Traffic Violation He Was Guilty Of Himself

A cop pulled Brian Karwowski over for an alleged headlight violation but it turned out the officer’s vehicle was without one headlight and the motorist’s was perfectly fine.

A video which was taken by Brian Karwowski, showed a Forest City Police officer hypocritically stopping him in order to cite him for a broken headlight. Although Karwowki’s headlight worked completely fine, the officer proceeded to pull him over, while the cop’s vehicle had a bad headlight.

Karwowski, a diesel mechanic, had just left a car dealership after receiving free service for his brand new Toyota truck before he was stopped by the officer. Karwowski stated that the police in his city are widely known for notoriously stopping motorists who drive nice cars in order to fish for evidence of drug dealing. He became a target because he was driving a new car.

During the stop, the motorist proved to the officer that his headlights were fully functional and the cop had no right to pull him over. The traffic stop was the second time the same cop had pulled Karwowski over for a fake headlight violation because he believed his new vehicle looked ‘suspicious’.

The motorist confirmed that he filed a complaint with the police department, but he was quick to note that he wasn’t expecting anything to be done about it as corruption runs through the rest of town’s government.

There have been several reports from motorists claiming officers stop them in order to fish for violations. Policing for profit seems to be a norm in the nation as cops continue to abuse their power and extort drivers over fabricated traffic violations. The total number of speeding tickets paid annually is about $6 million, and then the addition of other violations just makes the numbers surreal.

Source: Free thought project

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