Delaware Woman Who Shot And Killed Black Boy Charged With Murder

“Malcolm Evans was truly an innocent victim. He was a young man who lived with his parents and brother."

The New Castle police have apprehended 46-year-old Cheryl Jennings for the shooting death of Malcolm Evans, a Black college boy. Both the deceased and the culprit are natives of Delaware, New Castle.

Malcolm Evans, a 19-year-old college boy, who aspired to be a doctor met his untimely death on the 9th of July when he was driving to work. It is currently unclear, what warranted the shooting which killed the Black college boy but police have pointed out that both the dead boy and the killer didn’t have any form of misunderstanding prior to the incident.

Cheryl Jennings opened fire at 4 a.m. on 19 July and hit Evans,  who was driving to work at the time, in the chest. Poor college boy rammed his car into the 600 block of Country Path Drive in the Rutledge development after the bullet went straight into his chest. Malcolm Evans died on the spot.

The investigators have  not been able to point out the cause of the woman’s action at the moment. But the New Castle police have assured that investigations are still ongoing to ascertain the true cause of the incident.

Cheryl Jennings has since been charged with first-degree murder and is currently in police custody.

New Castle County executive Thomas P. Gordon described the Black boy as an ambitious gentle guy. He said,; “Malcolm Evans was truly an innocent victim. He was a young man who lived with his parents and brother. He went to college, worked a job and dreamed of becoming a doctor.” He also stated that “His death is a loss to all of us and we continue to share his family’s grief.”

It seems the white society have also gathered the courage to follow the negative trend exhibited by the law enforcement. How is it that a white person can just shoot at a Black boy without any provocation? And it is not the first death of such kind this week. The police have taught the society that  Black people can be killed without a cause. This is a shame!

Nonetheless, her arrest won’t resurrect the innocent Black boy, who has been murdered in cold blood. There is an urgent call for a more punitive measure to curb such “nonsense” as this. Why is it a Black person, who is always “accidentally” shot dead?

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Source: Atlanta Black Star
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