Black Woman Shot By White Man After Car Accident

A white male shot and killed a Black woman after he caused a traffic crash.

Ohio man, Mathew Desha, 29, fatally shot a Black woman after he crashed his car into hers on Saturday, August 27. The witnesses told that they heard the victim, 53-year-old Deborah Pearl, was shot by Desha 12 times, minutes after their vehicles collided.

According to reports, Desha crashed his SUV into Pearl’s sedan. He beat a red light at an intersection and drove straight into the victim’s car at high speed.

Following the collision Desha’s vehicle tumbled over and the victim’s car as a result of the impact of the collision was pushed to the corner of the road. An eyewitness, Barbara Bartels, said: “There’s a car flipped over in front of our house and another car on the corner.”

Both drivers survived the accident. Desha went out of his car holding a 5.56-millimeter assault rifle. He walked towards Pearl’s car, aimed his rifle at her and shot her several times. It was reported that the Black woman raised her hands up before Desha murdered her.

Eyewitnesses claim they heard 12 shots. After Desha shot the Black driver he pointed his gun at other drivers on the road. Bartels called the police as soon as she could.

Police arrived and found Pearl lying on the floor, bleeding to death. “When our officers arrived they found a man with a rifle in the vicinity. He was taken into custody immediately,” Solon Police Lt. Bruce Felton alleged.

Mathew Desha remains in custody and has been charged with murder.

What could have been going on in Desha’s mind when he proceeded to run a red light, cause a near-fatal collision and then kill a Black driver? We’ll have to wait to find out. It is absolutely stunning that the white man felt he could kill a poor Black woman for no reason in broad daylight as it often happened in the past. Maybe the challenging situation just let his racial hatred burst out.

We expect the wrath of the law to come down hard on the killer and he is severely punished for his evil act.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star

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