Brooklyn Witnesses Afropunk 2016

Afropunk is where melanin and metal music collide.

This past Saturday and Sunday saw the much celebrated ‘festival’ dubbed Afropunk come to reality at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, New York. This celebration aims at giving a deeper meaning to “Blackness” and Black music. In addition, it grants the African-American community a sense of belongingness and a united front.

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Last weekend’s edition was even more exceptional, as it featured glamorous displays by the people of color. The festival actually creates a space for left-of-center musicians and their fans to share some real good time vibes.

As a part of reminding the attendees of the essence of the festival, a couple of participants were asked to define what the festival means. And they gave the amazing unified answer:“Afropunk is where melanin and metal music collide.”

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In attendance this year there were CeeLo Green, George Clinton, Ice Cube, Fishbone, Afropunk veteran Janelle Monáe and the Internet. The two-day event was a great success and an improvement over the previously held ten editions.

The occasion brought to the limelight the unique incredible nature of the Blacks. In fact, as African-Americans, we can be fully proud of the great power of melanin. Indeed, the event clearly showed all good sides of the most adorable race on the surface of the Earth.

The community is urged and encouraged to keep up with such a wonderful event that showcases the solidarity of the Black people.

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Source: The Root
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