Paul O’Neal’s Autopsy Report Shows He Was Shot In The Back

The shots were coming at us as the car was coming at us. I didn’t know if he was armed or not.” One of the officers says to another officer during the shooting

It seems the picture of Paul O’Neal being a total criminal, drawn by the police now proves untrue. The results of toxicology tests revealed that O’Neal didn’t have any drugs in his system at the time of his death. The police officers claimed that he was armed during the chase, which also proved to be false because authorities have confirmed that O’Neal was not in possession of a gun.

The incident occurred on July 28 this year when officers responded to a report of a stolen Jaguar. A 10-min video footage released one week after the shooting shows the procedural errors that were made by the three officers involved. The cop who shot O’Neal had his camera turned off during the shooting and it is not clear what exactly happened during the shooting itself but they claimed that O’Neal was shot in the chest. However, the autopsy says that the victim was shot in the back. After the incident, the camera was mysteriously turned on again, which also leaves us thinking that the cops were hiding something.

The agency refused to release the names of the responding officers. They cited a specific clause which allows them to withhold the information if the details “endanger the life or physical safety of law enforcement personnel or any other person.” That means we are not likely to see any justice for Paul O’Neal. However, his family filed a wrongful death suit against the city.

It is hard to see how desperately police officers were trying to cover up their story to stay innocent. Are they playing a game which aims to kill as many Black teens as possible? Justice must be served and those cops have to be punished for their deeds.

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